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Another runner in the night...
Why is it that the truly fucked up people continue to live? I mean honestly, what the fuck? Seriously.
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So, I just made a discovery. I am in fact separated by 5 degrees from Kevin Bacon himself! Check it out:

!) Me to Dr. Tom Bell, my geography professor.
2) Dr. Tom Bell to his son Brian Bell, who is in Weezer.
3) Brain Bell to Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, who toured with Weezer.
4) Dave Grohl who appeared on SNL with Tim Meadows.
5) Tim Meadows also appeared on SNL with Kevin Bacon.

Isn't that amazing? Mom took another path and I am sure there are many others.

Mom's path:
!) Me to Dr. Tom Bell, my geography professor.
2) Dr. Tom Bell to his son Brian Bell, who is in Weezer.
3) Brain Bell to Tina Fey, who was on SNL with Weezer.
4) Tina Fey also appeared on SNL with Kevin Bacon.

Mom's path is even closer. I'm amazed.

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"My Dear Country" by Norah Jones really sums up my feelings about the political situation in this country. Say what you will but every election is the same old story. You never know who to trust. Then you have the media allowing any sensationalist garbage the spotlight, for example conservativism a la Ann Coulter(the psycho bitch). Say it loud say it proud, "I'm a moderate leaning conservative liberal democrat-republican and I don't know who the fuck to vote for!"
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You know I have to say that the Online Testing Exchange people really suck with surveys. Their stuff only works on IE, which is a big issue for me. I think it is unacceptable that they don't support anything else. Secondly, they use DRM encoded video and force you to allow the activex control. Then their questions tend to be quite cryptic when they don't have to be. The icing on the cake though is that they have you rate things and if you rate them below a certain standard they just throw out your results. Hmmm...that doesn't seem very objective now does it?.
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I need help for my sociolinguistics project. I am doing a project on Linguistic Racial Profiling. What I need is for people to listen to the sound files and fill in the questionnaire regarding the speakers in each of the recordings. Thanks.

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Check out the Pentax K100-D! It has everything I want and need. Somebody buy this for me!

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About two months ago I heard about the joost beta. It seemed like something interesting. Since I didn’t know anyone that was participating, I opted to sign up for the beta straight through joost. So I waited a while, about a month, and everyone got invited and it became a big thing. Then...suddenly I got an invite. read moreCollapse )I realize this is a beta. I know that improvements and greater system support is forthcoming. Despite my suggested improvements, joost in its current state is a great program for the price. Not to mention the chic factor that comes from having received an invite. They are apparently hard to come by for now.
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